Worldwide Polymer Distribution & Trading



It’s all About Making the Right Moves

Better polymers, logistics, financing and support – that’s the promise of Osterman de Mexico. With strong worldwide supplier relationships and over 100 warehousing locations, moving product is never a problem.

Our flexible financing assistance, risk-management insight and sound business advice can help you find and secure the right deals for your specific needs. We share our “on-the-ground” intelligence, so you know all your options, risks and opportunities.

Osterman’s strong financial track record and reputation for stability helps secure the resins, delivery and terms that some other distributors simply can’t. You have access to a complete line of commodity polymers, including prime, generic, wide-specification, compounded and engineered resins, including:

  • Osterlene® - Osterman’s prime generic product line
  • EPIMAX®, EPITEC® and EPIVAL®  from Engineered Polymers Inc.